Wild Forest Herbs

Don't introduce impurities into your cleansing ceremonies.


Why Wild Forest Sage?

Don’t introduce impurities into your smudging, meditation or other cleansing ceremonies.  Experience the difference of Wild Forest Sage. Wild Forest Sage grows naturally in clean mountain air and sunshine and is bound with organic hemp string. Each sage smudge bundle is air dried and is about 5” long and 1” in diameter.  

Pure Sage from Colorado

Sustainably and mindfully hand-harvested, this wild sage grows in the fresh mountain air of the Colorado Rockies and is free from pollutants, fertilizer, pesticides, or any other chemicals. Other sage may be grown in big city warehouses or in fertilized farms and gardens.  Because our sage is wild, once we are sold out, we will not be able to restock until the following summer.

Cleanse with Positive Energy

Smudging is an ancient spiritual tradition that cleanses a person, object, or place of unwanted energy, creating a positive and peaceful environment. Sage has also been known to help with anxiety and depression, soothe stress, improve sleep, strengthen intuition and boost energy levels.