What are Amanita Muscaria? What effects do they have? What compounds are in them?
These mushrooms are widely photographed, appear in many fairy tale images, and have been linked to stories of Santa Claus and Alice in Wonderland. Please ensure you know what you are buying before you purchase.

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How do you dry your amanitas and does it really make a difference?
We carefully dry them at 115 degrees F in a stainless steel dehydrator, working to preserve the color and beauty of these iconic mushrooms to the greatest degree possible. Correctly processing and drying these mushrooms better preserves their color and properties whereas drying these beautiful mushrooms too hot or too quickly results in lower quality dried caps. 

Why do the white dots and color vary?
The white spots are actual remnants of a veil that covers the young mushrooms. As they break through the veil, parts of it stick to the cap of the amanitas, These dots can actually be washed off, so if a mushroom was out in some rain or needed a little more cleaning, there might be fewer dots. Also, sun, rain and shade can bleach or change the color of Amanita Muscaria, so it’s not uncommon that they are pink, red, orange or yellow toned.  

How do you clean your mushrooms?
We carefully hand clean every mushroom. However, they pop up through the dirt and if it has been raining, sometimes the mushroom gets a bit stained—usually we cut out the dirty bits in this case and use the rest of the mushroom for the “pieces” rather than whole caps.


What are the uses of sage bundles and how do I perform a smudge?
If smudging for spiritual or cleansing purposes, before burning the sage, take a moment to clear your mind and set a positive intention. Leave a window open to allow smoke and negative energy to escape. Light the end of the sage bundle with a match, and allow the sage to slowly smolder so it releases smoke. Use a fan or feathers to direct the smoke around the space or person, or if smudging an object, hold the object over the smoke. Place a shell or ceramic bowl under the sage to collect any ash. If smudging a larger space like a house, open closet doors and drawers and start at the east side of the house then work your way south, west and finally north.  Fan the sage smoke over all of the surfaces of your home.


You may also burn sage under sacred or spiritual objects to cleanse and purify them or infuse them with positive energy. You can also simply use sage for aromatherapy, or to clear and focus you mind during meditation.


How often should I smudge?
Frequency of smudging is a personal preference. Many people smudge whenever they feel a space is beginning to feel stressful or has a decrease in its positive energy. For example, smudging may be done weekly or monthly. Burning sage can also be done with any meditation practice or as desired for aromatherapy.


How is Wild Forest Herb's sage sustainably harvested?
Sage is a perennial, which, like grass, can be cut from the top and continue to grow without damaging the plant. At Wild Forest Herbs we hand-cut only a few select sage tops in any given area, being careful to never pull or cause damage to the roots, leaving the vast majority of the area's sage untouched. This allows us to collect wild sage year after year--and to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of this amazing herb in the wild.