Bulk Amanita Powder & Pieces; $30 per ounce; 3 ounce min purchase

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Minimum three ounces of premium Amanita muscaria powder and small dried amanita pieces. As we store and handle our amanita caps we get some breakage and crumbling and we occassionally clear this inventory. This powder is from 100% amanita caps -- no stems. We don't grind it into a fine dust so you can see the amanita flakes and verify you are buying. Limited supply.


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    Good value and product

    Posted by Todd W. on Apr 23rd 2024

    Worked for me and cost a lot less. Like that I can see the bits of mushroom and its not so blended I can't tell what the heck it is.

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    Didn't like it

    Posted by Chris Blanchard on Apr 17th 2024

    This product did not agree with my stomach. Ate a few pieces and around 20 minutes I felt naucious and broke out in a clammy sweat. Tried a small amount the next day but had the same effect. Maybe I'm allergic to it. Don't know. Had to throw it out.

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    Awesome Product

    Posted by Oscar on Mar 25th 2024

    Item came as described! Very good!

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    So great for "powder"

    Posted by Shelly Smith on Feb 17th 2024

    I bought powder from other sellers but it comes so ground up that it could be anything. Love that with this "powder" it's all actually tiny pieces that weren't stuffed in a blender so you can clearly see it's amanitas and that it's all from the caps.

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    web page

    Posted by Ralph Gillette on Feb 16th 2024

    had look again and found that there is no where on the page that says these are $30 an once.

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    The best Quality I’ve seen yet

    Posted by Monica Martelly on Feb 1st 2024

    This company is my favorite company that I’ve ever purchased mushrooms from. They have the best quality and service. I got these mushrooms so quickly the owner of this business is Is an amazing business woman. Not only is she amazing at customer service, keeping her word and, finding the best quality mushrooms but she is also a kind hearted person that is willing to communicate and work with you. So grateful for this company. So grateful for these mushrooms. Definitely top quality if you’re questioning, whether or not to buy the answers yes❤️‍?